Backing Up Your Hard Drive


How to Back Up your Hard Drive




You’ve heard the horror stories from people who failed to back up their data. Family vacation photos are lost. Important tax documents go poof. A manuscript that had been in the works for years is gone forever. Can you believe that even a large portion of Toy Story 2 was almost lost due to backup issues? It happens: sometimes computers crash, files get deleted by accident, backup and disaster recovery (BDR) systems fail, and natural disasters destroy laptops. Every person who’s ever experienced major data loss has the same thing in common: they didn’t think it would happen to them, so they didn’t invest the time or money into a simple backup solution. In most cases, there are ways to recover hard drives after a crash, but backing up your data is still the best way to ensure your data will be safe no matter what. Let’s talk about your options.


For the most part it is easy to set up a backup solution, and there are multiple backup methods, so it is a matter of choosing the best option for you. Cloud backup solutions are often seen as the be-all-end-all solutions to storage, but they aren’t always as reliable as we hope for them to be. A standard backup solution, like a portable hard drive, is a much more reliable option. Consider using cloud storage as your secondary option to a more solid backup solution. You could also use a bootable backup, sometimes called a clone. For a small fee, online backup services will store your data as encrypted files. As a business, you may be relying on BDR systems or backup servers. It’s important to regularly make sure they are working properly.


Backing up files is relatively easy. Simply select the data you want to move and copy it. Go to the backup drive’s location and paste the content in. Interruption during the copy and paste phase may damage the data. With cloud backup, as long as the computer is turned on and connected to the internet, it will automatically back up your data. You can set up online backup services to do the same thing.


No matter what methods you choose, it is always best to do multiple backups, one onsite and one off-site (using a local device like a hard drive and an off-site server accessed through the internet). Do you have any other questions about backup solutions? Call the experts at Dijital Majik or visit the St. Cloud, MN location.